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With our Consultants’ assistance, you can rest assured your business will be leaner and more capable. We have helped other organizations with similar pain points, therefore we can provide viable solutions if you are experiencing any of the following challenges:

  • Are you looking for cost savings throughout your organization? 

  • Do you need expertise analyzing technologies, vendors or training for your specific roadmap?

  • Do you need expertise negotiating the best deals for your organization?

  • Do you need to hire specialists while training your existing staff for the next project on the roadmap?

  • Do you need a third party to analyze and streamline your business processes?

  • Are you in need of immediate staffing due to the loss of a key player?

  • Are you looking to outsource any of your business functions?

  • Do you need to train your staff to improve productivity, streamline processes, and improve customer satisfaction?

  • Are you entering a foreign market and need localization services or foreign language training?

  • Do you need to upgrade your in-house technology and/or make a move to the cloud?





Analyze current operations, competitors, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


Identify stakeholders that will jointly brainstorm solutions given the problem, the gap analysis and the goals for improvement.


Identify gaps in operational efficiency, technology tools and skills. Identify what tools, skills and technology can be turn-key, in-house or outsourced.


Create the game plan with all stakeholders on-board to execute the solutions.



passionate about streamlining operations, creating a productive, motivated client company staff who are fully-trained to deploy international systems to extremely satisfied customers. Our founders have the right balance of technical skills, successful operations experience, creative marketing savvy, and tech-startup moxie to provide expert advice to companies requiring competitive analysis, process improvements, operational efficiencies and productivity increases. Our professionals average 20 years experience in the tech industry and work diligently to provide deployable solutions and operational excellence. We're engineers with decades of successful executive management and operational experience. We like to stay abreast of tech trends and provide our client companies an executable return on their investment. We keep client companies' identities confidential so they can be open about their challenges and we can provide customized, cost-effective recommendations.



Competitive Analysis

The company was preparing to acquire a high profile competitor's networking product that claimed to self-discover. Company engaged us to stage the system on a live network, create a feature analysis and test for self-discovery. The result: The system did not self-discover and brought the sub-net down at one point. Company saved millions of dollars and declined to purchase a sub-standard system.

Acquisition Company Due Diligence

Analyzed engineering operations and removed single-source roadblocks to create dynamic and productive engineering department.

Software Lifecycle Process Improvements

Analyzed current software lifecycle procedures and created processes for fully functionall QA, tech support, operations, agile project management, and customer feedback, thereby significantly reducing software defects. 


Company engaged us to localize their international software products. The company had hard-coded tables and their software accessed voice prompts, screen displays, help files, and hardware configuration data. They had created a separately compiled software version to deploy to another country. Our team created compile-time triggers, file mapping and configuration table access to create a single source code, with compile-time and run-time options. This required analyzing all their data, API interface, hardware data access and more. The result was a fully-functional, internationally deployed, localized system with a flawless demonstration at their international partner conference.

Tech Start-up Operations

Mobilized software, marketing and sales staff to create a unique travel software tech start-up. The result: A funded tech startup and software solution.


Engaged to target a specific demographic and conduct free classes. The goal was to sign up subscribers for specific service. We achieved over a 90% conversion rate.


While we've been helping others, they have been praising our work and we REALLY appreciate it!

"He's got many years of knowledge and experience and knows how to build consensus among his peers and thrives on team building initiatives."

"He put together a team, second to none, to tackle the objectives and get us moving forward for the immediate future and years to come."

"....her gifts in contacting community businesses clearly were apparent in the large number of quality goods she obtained for us."

Sandy B., Executive Director, Customer Support

Jason B., H.R.Department, International Travel Company 

“Thank you so much for putting on a great program, it was a TON of incredible information with awesome energy.”

"He is very passionate about his work, leads by example, and brings out the very best in his peers, co-workers, and direct hires."

"What he did, that still impresses me today, was that he was able to rally us and gain our trust, no small feat given the situation."

"He managed a tricky group of engineers through some very trying circumstances and was able to calm them down, refocus their efforts and retain every single one of our key assets."

"He is a strong leader who makes the right decision in the face of adversity. He challenged and supported me in the role of a Product Manager. I truly believe he elevated the performance level..."

"she is excellent in negotiating a favorable outcome for her clients and career seekers. I find her of tremendous integrity and honesty in her work. She shares a passion for finding the best fit for all sides." 

Edward W. Ph.D. - Department Chair, Performing Arts

Confidential Jobseeker and workshop participant

Mark N., VP Information Technology

" was clear that we needed some fresh ideas. I was looking for something different to give to the company...He has thorough knowledge of large telephony systems, network architecture and is professional enough to hold his own with any of the larger players in the industry."

Dave D., Director, Non-profit school

Manish R., Director, Media, Fortune 100 company

 Mark F., Solutions Consultant

He provided excellent leadership, tenacious attention to technology, and an extreme desire to get it right the first time. 

"sold me on her vision of how she could acomplish all of this in the limited time available. She brought techinical expertise, a broad understanding of what was available out on the market, and a willingness to patiently work with me while we hammered through iterations fitting my desires into the available options." 

Matt W., Principal Software Engineer

"brings a fun & positive energy to any workplace while still focusing on objectives and time lines. One of his strengths is to see projects from a high level but still be able to break down a project into tasks and share the vision with the team." 

Han B., President,

Call Center Solutions

Rachel W., H.R. Leader

Michael M., Product Manager

Tony S., Senior Project Manager

Jon Y., Telecom and Data Networking Professional

"...provided an environment for information exchanges, networking, and a sounding board of ideas that resulted in ... Action Plan. I recommend Diane for her thought provoking, events and presentations."



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